In 2008, Jéssica attended "Escola Nacional de Circo", it is the National Circus School in Rio. After 4 years of practice, she graduated successfully in 2012.

Immediately after graduation, she worked in two circuses and several galas in Rio de Janeiro and in 2013 she had her first international experience in Sweden and thereafter travelled to Germany to work in the famous amusement park "Europa Park" where she was engaged from 2014 to beginning of 2017.

Since then, Jéssica has been engaged in a wide variety of shows, galas and events in Germany, Australia and around the world. Her powerful acts, strong personality, juggling and hula hoop skills and moves makes her a special appearance all around the world and will assure a real entertainment to your event.




Jessica developed with her Hula Hoop performance a completely own signature.

From one to multiple hoops all around the body to a sphere of hoops balancing on her head, she is showing what is possible with this famous and popular prop.

She has brought her beautiful hula hoop style with the dynamic and sexy movement quality of Rio’s carnival dancers to stages around the world.

Jessica's femininity, temperament, beauty and a passionate Brazilian hip swing just fit perfectly together with the turns of the hoops in this extraordinary performance.

(Coming Soon)


Juggling is Jessica's main discipline. Using clubs and balls in her rock and roll style performance makes her distinctive in the artistic world in that she can manipulate both objects instead of specializing on one set of skills.

Her powerful act, strong and unique stage presence, great technical and dynamic juggling skills make her an unparalled juggler. 


• Europa Park - Germany 

•  Variete Et Cetera - Germany 

• BAYER AG Gala - Germany

• GOP Variete -  Germany

• Schmidt Theater - Hamburg - Germany

• Love Riot (Strut & Fret) - Australia

• Extasya Sexy Circus - Germany

• Variete Feuer & Eis - Germany 

• P&O Cruises - Australia 

•  Unicirco Marcos Frota - Brazil

•  Mundo Encantado do Circo - Brazil

•  Up Leon - Brazil

•  Furuviksparken - Sweden

•  The 7th International Festival "Magie Alegria" - Algeria

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